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Your Blank Event Space

Blank’s Bar is a customizable space that allows someone to rent out for a special and private occasion and name it whatever they want it to be. The aptly named,“Blank’s” was created in reference for the ability of the bar to be named after the guest of honor. The customization of Blank’s Bar expands well beyond colored napkins and plates, as a client will be able to have their desired name or phrase in neon lights on the sign outside, replacing the ‘blank space’ for the night.

The Space

Blank's Bar is adorned with permanent counters lining the perimeter of the space, providing either bar seating for a casual atmosphere, or an area to serve food and beverages, buffet style. In addition to the permanent structures, the center of the room allows for various types of seating arrangements or entertainment, while its blank walls easily complement any decor, including the string lights hanging from the ceiling. To further personify the bar, picture frames hang from the walls allowing event hosts to create their own customized gallery, suited to the event’s theme. 

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Party Packages

To make the Blank’s Bar experience swift and seamless, predetermined packages like an open bar and various food bundles, featuring both American and Mexican cuisine are available to pre-select before the event date and separated into three categories: Booze, Good Eats, and Upgrades. With choices from Premium Beverage Packages or Specialty Cocktails and upgrades like Build-Your-Own Margaritas will easily help set the tone for any event. 

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